Why did Jami Heidegger create Retrouvé?

Jami has been in the lab since the age of three, when she would “work” alongside her father and grandfather – skincare is that deeply embedded in her DNA! Once she and her husband, Klaus, sold Kiehl’s, Jami continued to create formulations with her chemist, but the products were strictly for her personal use. As such, no compromise was made in the cost, quality, or research behind the ingredients or processes used to develop the formulae. Whereas in the past, Jami had to stay within certain parameters when creating products, now she was free to create as she pleased. Retrouvé is the result of that freedom.

What is the significance of naming the brand Retrouvé?

We believe that it is never too early nor too late in life to take care of one’s skin in earnest in order to try to maintain or to regain the hallmarks of healthy, youthful skin: clarity, radiance, vitality, and firmness. It is always an evolving process as one discovers how to look and feel one’s best at any age.

The dictionary defines the meaning of retrouve as “to find again.” To Jami Heidegger, joy can be found in taking a moment to reconnect and to “find again” the beauty that survives and thrives within us. With Retrouvé, Jami endeavors to encourage an enjoyable and mindful approach to rediscovering the age-old ritual of applying moisturizers and caring for one’s skin.‎

What makes Retrouvé unique?

Retrouvé is Jami’s personal skincare vision of using only supremely exclusive and efficacious select anti-ageing ingredients in superior concentrations, set in luxurious textures, that she was unable to find in the marketplace.

The products represent an anthology of over 75 years of collective experience, research and collaboration to harness the power of advanced skincare technologies and high concentrations of anti-ageing ingredients in a unique delivery system.

How do Retrouvé products work?

Retrouvé utilizes advanced skincare technologies and clinically-effective concentrations of anti-ageing ingredients in a unique delivery system that penetrates the skin deeply.  Our luxurious, unprecedented textures feature proprietary blends of high-quality potent ingredients that work harmoniously with the body’s natural regenerative processes to optimize the skin’s ability to nourish, strengthen, and repair itself.

What is Retrouvé’s star ingredient?

Unlike many brands, we do not focus on one or two ‘star’ ingredients when creating formulations. Rather, all of our products are infused with clinically-proven anti-ageing ingredients scientifically identified for their preventive, nourishing, and restorative properties. It is the synergistic effects of these high-octane ingredients working in tandem for their combined ability to penetrate deeply into the skin that strengthens their effectiveness and thereby creates the mastery of Retrouvé.

Who should use Retrouvé products?

Retrouvé is suitable for men and women over the age of 25 who are concerned about the health and well-being of their skin, want to delay the visible signs of ageing, and desire a more radiant complexion. It is for those who wish to replenish moisture levels that may have been diminished due to age, the environment, or hormonal changes within the body.  Retrouvé was created to target and address specific needs of the skin.

Why did Jami choose to create a gender-free product?

Jami wanted products that both she and her husband, Klaus, could use and thusly, our products are designed for both men and women.  Our preparations are not perfumed, and the packaging was designed to be appealing to all.  The differentiating criteria for appropriate product selections are based not on gender, but, rather, on skin type, also taking into account specific concerns and/or preferences, of course. 

At this point in time, when gender is so fluid, it seems arbitrary to designate products as specifically and solely for a man or for a woman.  Skin is skin!  Jami has always advocated products based on skin type as opposed to gender, and she has never believed in using perfumes in facial products or employing separate packaging to appeal to any one group.

Are Retrouvé products fragranced?

The smell, texture and function of Retrouvé is both scientific and artful. The formulae have been carefully blended to provide a luxurious feeling when applied and serve the purpose of penetrating deeply into the skin to address the needs of the dermis. No fragrances, masking or otherwise, are added to the formulae, and the “parfum” of each product is the natural aroma of the ingredients blended together. 

Does Retrouvé test on animals?

No, we conduct testing in Retrouvé’s cruelty-free labs and on our own skin and that of our family, friends, and co-workers!