Maskne: The New Reality of Wearing Face Masks

Hannah Heidegger

While the stress and anxiety of living through a global pandemic may certainly take a toll on our skin, another factor can also wreak havoc on our complexions: the recommended face masks. Although necessary (and mandatory in some cities), these face coverings cause some deleterious side effects to our skin, as many of us are having to wear them for longer periods of time. The friction and tightness of some masks, coupled with the accumulated humidity from breathing, can make the masks major culprits in contributing to aggravated skin conditions, including inflammation, acne, and dryness. The skin can become indented, rough, and itchy, and pores are more likely to become blocked and clogged around the cheeks, nose, and chin, a condition becoming so common it has been coined “maskne.”

Still, there are ways to reduce these negative effects and care for the skin while having to wear a mask. Firstly, it is recommended to avoid wearing makeup underneath the face covering, as this can lead to further clogging of the pores and the resulting “maskne.” Also, consider applying a lining of tissue or soft thin fabric under the pressure points of the mask to help to reduce chaffing and rubbing.

As with any skin care concern, a considered and replenishing skin care routine is key. When any type of acne occurs, it is common to want to dry the skin out further; however, it is essential to keep the skin properly moisturized. After removing the mask, it is important first to wash the hands, which is an effective way to maintain our health and help to prevent further spread of the virus. We then recommend using a gentle cleanser that honors the delicate facial area and doesn’t cause any unnecessary drying, pulling, or depletion. Our Luminous Cleansing Elixir gently removes dirt, debris, and residue from its surface while not depriving the skin of its natural moisture. Rich in avocado-oil and pomegranate extract, our cleanser is ideal for post-mask cleansing, as the oil-based formulation easily spreads and gently removes dirt, therefore helping to avoid any unnecessary pressure or pulling of the skin.

Follow cleansing with a clean replenishing product that will work to restore the skin with essential nutrients. For light hydration and protection, we suggest using our Nutrient Face Serum. A nourishing vitamin supplement for the skin that soothes and lightly moisturizes, our Nutrient Face Serum is designed to evaporate quickly and leave behind residual benefits, making it the ideal product for use underneath a mask. For drier skin, our Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream cocoons the skin in hydration, while the vitamin- and antioxidant-rich botanicals deliver supernutrients. Excellent for daytime use while wearing a mask, this luxurious cream imparts a softness to the skin.

For a deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment that will renew dry skin after wearing a mask, we recommend our Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer. Packed with vitamins and restorative ingredients, this moisturizer is extremely effective in boosting the skin’s hydration levels while still enabling it to breathe. Our Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer can also be worn as a deep-penetrating overnight treatment.

For additional information on mask safety and how to practice further protection, please visit The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization.

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