Mother Nature and the Changing Hue of Our Nutrient Face Serum

Cathleen Klemm

Have you noticed that our Nutrient Face Serum is a bit lighter in color than it has been in the past? This color differentiation is not a mistake, and the formulation has not changed. Our Nutrient Face Serum is as potent and effective as it has always been – we have simply changed the source of the white tea that we use in the product.

White tea is a beneficial ingredient known to help to protect the skin from cellular damage and harmful environmental forces. Despite its name, white tea is actually quite dark in color – sometimes nearly black. The finished appearance of our Nutrient Face Serum depends upon the color of the particular batch of white tea utilized in the production process. Our Nutrient Face Serum can thus range from a golden tan color to a grayish hue to the much lighter, milky shade reflected in the current iteration of the product. (Please note that our serum can also darken with time, just as a tea bag sitting in water does!)

Natural ingredients can vary a bit in color from batch to batch, as the hue of the herbal extract reflects the many variables of the growing conditions at the time of harvesting. We see these variations at the market, too, in different hues of certain types of fruits and vegetables. Indeed, one cannot control Mother Nature.

We select the ingredients that we use in our preparations based solely upon their ability to protect, nourish, or restore vitality to the skin. As such, we do not add artificial colorants to our products simply to control the appearance of our formulations, as many other companies do; artificial colorants to create a controlled, consistent product shade do not provide any benefits to the skin and can in fact also be potentially unhealthful and/or even dangerous.

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