Art Science Beauty Tote


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Limited edition and created exclusively for Retrouvé by Kelly Styne, our recycled cotton Art Science Beauty bag is a stylish, reusable carry-all for your iPad, trip to the beach, running errands, or anytime a lightweight yet sturdy tote is needed. Keep one in your handbag or car “just in case!

Kelly Styne is an LA-based abstract and pop artist.  Through her work with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, she marries a fusion of order and chaos, boldness and subtlety —all with an underlying graceful tension that is representative of her personal style.  Kelly serves on the board of the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA and uses her pop textual art to spark positive conversations about mental health and to share a message of positivity and humor.

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Material: Recycled Cotton
Bag Color: Natural
Weight: 5 oz.
Bag Size: 16”W x 15.5”H x 3” Gusset
Handle Size: 1”W x 10” Drop Length
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold; Hang Dry

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