The Retrouvé Collection Limited-Edition Gift Set

4 x 30ML/1 FL OZ


The Retrouvé Collection Limited-Edition Gift Set is designed to be a wardrobe for the skin; the products can be used in multiple combinations to provide anti-aging benefits and to replenish moisture to the skin that may have been lost due to hormonal, environmental, or climatic changes.

Available for a limited time only, The Retrouvé Collection Limited-Edition Gift Set features specially-designed outer packaging – a luxurious black pedestal box – that is in keeping with the brand’s elegant aesthetic and contains the following full-size (30 mL) products: 


Retrouvé products represent an anthology of over 75 years of collective experience, research and collaboration to harness the power of advanced skincare technologies and high concentrations of select anti-aging ingredients in a unique delivery system. We use only the most supremely beneficial ingredients that are proven by science to be beneficial to the skin. As such, our formulations contain a combination of both natural and synthetic/chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients can vary a bit in color from batch to batch, as the hue of an herbal extract reflects the many variables of the growing conditions at the time of harvesting.

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“Retrouvé’s products are gold dust amongst those in the beauty-know.” Vogue Paris

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