Amazing moisturizer!!! Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is pricey but worth every penny. Changes my skin completely.

Customer Review, Bluemercury.com

I live in the mountains of Colorado. The lack of humidity combined with my dry skin is off the charts. Baume Ultime is the best product I have ever used. My skin feels like silk and is nourished. Expensive, yes but worth it for me.

Customer Review, Bluemercury.com

Retrouvé’s Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is very rich, but light enough that I’m not going to also break out. You only need a little bit of it. I also like the Revitalizing Eye Concentrate Skin Hydrator. I’m in my early 30s so I’m just doing it preventatively. I feel like eye creams are a little bit BS, but with this one I can feel a difference.

Ashley Graham

I never go to bed without taking my make-up off, ever. I try to make it a pleasurable experience by having products that I like the scent of or texture of. I’ve been using Retrouvé products. They’re really thick and luxurious. I use their nighttime moisturiser and their eye cream.

Dita Von Teese

Yes, I know it’s pricey, but I LOVE Baume Ultime (as I do all the products from this brand from the former owners of Kiehl’s). This newest addition to Retrouvé’s collection of luxury skin treatment products contains Vitamin Oils, Squalane, and Avocado Oil and will leave your skin feeling like silk.


Highly recommended for those who take the condition and look of their complexion seriously, Retrouvé has developed superior concentrations and unprecedented textures, setting a new standard in luxury skincare. Every product is a decadent gem and will deliver results beyond the expectations that come with its luxury price tag.

The Great Address

Flawless makeup begins with healthy skin! Retrouve has not only elevated my craft as a makeup artist, it’s reinvented my own canvas. My skin has not felt healthier, more hydrated and youthful in years. Thanks for creating the perfect skin care for makeup prep that results in long term beautiful, luminous skin!

Chauntal Lewis, makeup artist


Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is the BEST! I have never experienced any cream that goes on and not only instantly feels great, but also the feeling lasts all day.

Customer Review, bluemercury.com

So many body oils are so sticky and never absorb. They damage the clothes on set and stylists want to kill you. Baume Ultime actually absorbs while moisturizing skin deeply.


Who says a makeup remover can’t be seriously glam? Luminous Cleansing Elixir removes leftover makeup after just a quick facial massage and softens your skin like a dream.


Retrouvé has an amazing eye serum – Revitalizing Eye Concentrate Skin Hydrator – that I use all the time. It keeps me young.


I love Revitalizing Eye Concentrate because it has the most unusual texture for an eye cream – it’s kind of an oily balm and incredibly hydrating. Just the right amount layers perfectly under bold eye makeup and doesn’t crease my concealer.

Katie Jane Hughes

I have only been using Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer for several days, and I’m shocked with how glowing, even, and overall uniform my skin looks after a couple of uses.

Customer Review, bluemercury.com

Retrouvé is everything—look at my skin darling! It’s glowing! It goes into the skin so deep. You can just wear that and not wear any makeup, and you look like you’ve been in the sun forever and have all the vitamins.

Michelle Elie, designer, Prim

I’ve actually kind of started a little routine with the Retrouvé range because I really love their products. I mainly use their Nutrient Face Serum and their Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, but I also like their Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream. That one’s little bit greasy which might not sound very sexy but let me tell you, it works! You put it on at night and when you wake up your skin is totally different.

Annelise Michelson, jewelry designer

Rita Ora’s glowing skin from head to toe was thanks to Retrouvé.

Best Beauty Looks at the 2019 Met Gala

Baume Ultime’s elegant texture instantly soaks in for skin that’s noticeably more hydrated.

New Beauty

Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is free from artificial perfumes and mineral oils, instead favoring natural actives whose freshness is guaranteed thanks to air-free packaging. Whether it’s white tea extracts, pomegranate, seaweed, apple stem cells, vitamin E and C, as well as co-enzyme Q-10, each ingredient of this luxurious elixir is formulated to moisturize, nourish, and enhance skin whatever the gender.

Vogue Paris

Skin Brilliance Priming Pads are one of the quickest, most painless ways to get your peel on — particularly for those with sensitive skin. Unlike some daily peel pads, their texture isn’t at all abrasive, and though AHAs are included (via sugar cane, bilberry, lemon, and other extracts), the exfoliating solution doesn’t make skin tingle upon contact.

Refinery 29

I am obsessed with Retrouvé’s Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer. I use it every night and wake up with creamy, glowy skin. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Romy Soleimani, makeup artist

Retrouvé’s products are the dream to give you a glowy and healthy look! The rich texture will rescue any dehydrated and sensitive skin. I love to use the Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream as a base before I apply makeup and also on top of foundation for a natural dewy finish.

Cedric Jolivet

Harsh cleansers can impair the skin’s barrier, but an oil-based cleanser – especially one rich in avocado oil, like Retrouvé’s Luminous Cleansing Elixir – offers all of the bacteria-clearing benefits of cleansing, minus that dreaded, tight-skinned feeling.


Retrouvé products provided total hydration for Glenn Close, allowing a great prep for the makeup application. I used the Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream as Glenn’s all-over moisturizer and the Nutrient Face Serum for hydrating under eyes as well as fine lines.

Kai Pritchard

Featuring an impressive list of nature-derived AHAs, Skin Brilliance Priming Pads are perfect, especially in winter when your skin can use the power of a non-abrasive exfoliator that will help all the moisturizing products to work much deeper. Oh, and did I mention that your skin will glow with radiance after each treatment?

Style Sprinter

If you are looking for new luxurious skincare products to help moisturize dull skin this winter, Retrouvé should be on your radar.


I love how the Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream instantly transforms dry skin and imparts a beautiful glow. You’ll find yourself using less makeup because your skin looks so good!

Benjamin Puckey

I like products that make my skin feel soft and wonderful, like Retrouvé – especially the Nutrient Face Serum and Revitalizing Eye Concentrate.

Zoë Kravitz

The most important step in getting a good makeup application is skin prep with Retrouvé. For a perfect red carpet glow, I start with the Nutrient Face Serum massaged into the skin followed by my absolute favorite Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream. It’s like a breath of fresh air on the face.

Rakhil Shamailova, makeup artist

I absolutely love my dear friends Jami and Klaus Heidegger’s line, Retrouvé!

Sophia Hutchins, executive director

Add this hero product – Retrouvé Nutrient Face Serum – to your wish list. Glowier skin, guaranteed.


Luminous Cleansing Elixir is my skincare staple.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I use Retrouvé Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer. It’s like this really thick, rich serum, and that’s what I use as my moisturizer.

Zoë Kravitz

I adore Retrouvé products, especially when it’s super dry. They’re ultra luxe and really amazing.

Dita Von Teese

Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is my #1 secret to give an amazing natural glow to the skin.

Faustine Hornok, makeup artist

The greatest addition to my beauty ritual was when I was introduced to Retrouvé products three years ago. The products give me a glow that almost makes makeup unnecessary. What I love the most about the brand’s collection is that it is simple enough for me to embrace and still fit into my “no frills, no fuss” type of routine.

Amelia Fleetwood

I started using Retrouvé 2½ weeks before the Emmys and saw a difference. My skin was radiant on the red carpet and my events before. I love it!

Sydelle Noel, actress

“Why abrade your face with scrubs when you can let fruit-derived acids do the sloughing work? Retrouvé’s Skin Brilliance Priming Pads leave you all glowy and help other products penetrate better.”

Michele Promaulayko, Editor-in-Chief

I have never seen such a drastic improvement in my skin after one day of using a product!

This That Beauty blog

The Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is Retrouvé’s piece de resistance. Its formulation was refined and tweaked over a period of 15 years as new ingredients and technologies became available!

Byrdie blog

The products are EXACTLY what I need. No more, no less. I’m now a Retrouvé girl.

Cheryl Tiegs, supermodel

I love Retrouvé for skin that keeps its glow even hours after application – it turns even the most dehydrated skin dewy and beautiful after just one use!

Ingeborg, celebrity and fashion makeup artist

When the shoot is all about skin, I use Retrouvé.

Rob Rumsey, makeup artist

The skin savior: Retrouvé’s standout star is the Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, aka your new skin 9-1-1.


Retrouvé’s Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is the perfect drink of forgiveness after a day in the sun!

Michael Angelo

I am on a mission to improve the skin around my eyes. The texture of Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is so amazing, and it leaves the skin around my eyes so soft.

Holly Madison, model, showgirl, and author

I’m very big on the Retrouvé products. I love the Luminous Cleansing Elixir and the Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer. I put it on and I literally think I look five years younger.

Tracee Ellis Ross

It gives us confidence to know that the most important ingredient in our Luminous Cleansing Elixir is pure, that the avocados from which the oil is distilled are grown in clean soil without pesticides.

Klaus Heidegger

Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is very expensive, yes. But considering your eye area is the first to show signs of ageing, it’s an investment.

Dominique Temple, Telegraph Beauty Editor

I put a lot of importance on prepping the skin. So I take my time massaging in and layering moisturizers and oils – it wakes up the face, softens skin, and sculpts the cheeks and jawline. Don’t skip this step – it pays off. I love Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer.

Tom Pecheux, makeup artist, Glamour UK

I love Retrouvé Revitalizing Eye Concentrate. My makeup artist Joey Maalouf introduced me to it and it has made a difference under my eyes – I kid you not.

Molly Sims, model and actress

L’Heritiere de l’empire Kiehl’s, Jami Heidegger, lance sa propre marque, Retrouvé. Des products tres haut de gamme et ultra elegants. – Jalouse


En soin, une bonne crème de jour, mes preferees etant chez Retrouvé.

Tom Pecheux, Makeup Artist

J’ai egalement une affection particuliere pour les heuiles riches et vitaminees de chez Retrouvé, que Jami Morse Heidegger, heritiere des fondateurs de Kiehl’s, a creee il y a peu. – Chloe Perrin, Designer


“Luminous Cleansing Elixir provides the ultimate cleansing experience! The balm-like formula is rich in beneficial oils and will hydrate your skin while removing impurities.”


The feel of each of Retrouvé’s serums and creams is extremely luxurious, but we can’t get over the jet black packaging. They’re sexy AND effective.”

Huffington Post

Retrouvé’s skin care line is gooky – and great.”

Los Angeles

“Engaging with products that enhance one’s overall mental well-being is vital. For me, my skincare and beauty regimes are a ritual. There are no words that can describe how I feel when I use carefully and intentionally crafted products.”

Dr. Evan Goldstein, Bespoke Surgical

“My favorite way to make skin glow without makeup is using Retrouvé’s Nutrient Face Serum, Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream, and Revitalizing Eye Concentrate like highlighters.”

Michael Angelo, Fashion Unfiltered

“The feel of each of these serums and creams is incredibly hydrating, and I love the smell and texture of Retrouvé’s Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer – it feels like putting honey on your face.”

Zoë Kravitz, Allure.com

“Retrouvé is hailed for creating luxury products with a high concentration of active ingredients but which don’t contain any nasty artificial fragrances, parabens or petrochemicals.”

Vogue Paris

“If you’re going to splurge on a product for under eyes, Retrouvé’s super rich Revitalizing Eye Concentrate should be the one you choose. Gently pat a bit of the balm on your orbital bone before bed, and you’ll have plumper, smoother under eyes in the AM. Promise!”

Lindsay Silberman, Senior Digital Editor

“There are so many reasons why I am passionate about Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, but I can sum them up in two words: It works.”

Cathleen Klemm, Total Beauty

“I love the idea that Retrouvé positions itself as a gender-neautral brand, which actually helps to save some space on your bathroom’s shelf. If you and your significant other use the same products, you’re actually saving money and the environment (fewer bottles to use, fewer things to recycle.”

Style Sprinter

“I love the rich, luxurious feel of Retrouvé products, especially the Revitalizing Eye Concentrate. It’s become an essential part of my beauty routine!”

Dita Von Teese

“There is something about the texture and feel of Luminous Cleansing Elixir that really makes it feel like a pampering ritual.”

Beep Beauty

“The true ‘hero’ of the line, Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is water-free and moisturizes around the eye area using a powerful fusion of squalane and pharmaceutical-grade cholesterol esters. You only need one pump to cover both eye areas, and you can see your skin come back to life. This is the Retrouvé product that really sucked me in and made me a believer.”

Beauty Gypsy

“Retrouvé’s Luminous Cleansing Elixir is the perfect cleanser to bring on vacation to Bora Bora, St. Barts – anywhere warm and humid, frankly. This unscented cleansing lotion is made with avocado oil to hydrate and smooth skin. Our tester, who is prone to dry patches, found the elixir moisturizes skin just enough so that it doesn’t compete with sticky humidity.”


“Jami Morse Heidegger has developed Retrouvé into an under-the-radar unisex line, with a cult following.”


“Is Retrouvé’s Revitalizing Eye Concentrate pricey? Yes. Worth every penny if you have stubborn fine lines and uneven texture around your eyes? Absolutely. Even better, a little goes a long way with this one.”

New Beauty

I highly recommend Retrouvé if you take the condition and look of your complexion seriously. It will save the health of your skin and deliver results beyond its price. The mastery and integrity of this skincare brand in incomparable.

Deborah Ferguson, Editor-in-Chief

“What I like about the line is that it’s very thoughtful – comprised of only a handful of products – and also potent without being harsh. Retrouvé uses a lot of naturally derived ingredients and produces the line in small batches in order to ensure freshness.”

Jenni Kayne, Rip + Tan

“Retrouvé is one of the first unisex anti-aging lines that I’ve seen in a while that tackles the signs of aging without being too rich, oily, or fragranced and leaves skin looking and feeling much better instantly.”

Elise Minton, Executive Beauty Editor

“Retrouvé is an unprecedented luxury skincare line that could only be created by a pedigreed virtuoso.”

Les Carats

“Crowned Retrouvé (the French expression for ‘found again’), the range is a veritable ‘haute couture’ line of premium creams originally developed by Jami and Klaus Heidegger for their friends and family.”


“I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH! And these products are changing my LIFE!!”

Ashley Longshore

“Retrouvé integrates a high concentration of deeply nourishing actives (squalane and vitamins E and C), preventive antioxidants (white tea, pomegranate) and powerful restoratives (apple stem cells), all of which work together to bring out a supple, radiant complexion.”


“Choose a water-free skincare formula if you like a rich, emollient cream or balm – we love Retrouvé’s Revitalizing Eye Concentrate.”


“Retrouvé’s exfoliating pads are completely non-abrasive and non-irritating, contain botanically-derived alpha hydroxyl acids and are the most gentle we’ve tried.”

Refinery 29

“The founders of cosmetic wonder Retrouvé farm the Fountain of Youth in Malibu.”

C Magazine

“Retrouvé’s products are gold dust amongst those in the beauty-know.”

Vogue Paris

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